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WcW - Day of Destiny by alyn WcW - Day of Destiny by alyn
My third collab (although second one-to-one collab) with Mr Atmosphere himself, .

This one was a whole lot of fun. It began with me sending him a terrain and worldfile I made previously and asking for his alterations. He came back with a completely different, but completely workable terrain, and a juiced up atmosphere and surface map for me to play with. From then, it was just photoshop and revision procrastination on my behalf.

WCW - no, not "world championship wrestling". It stands for "We Create Worlds", a project launched by *hypnotic for a series of collaborations between himself and other artists. Some of the results already are staggering, and the prospects for the future are promising too. MORE INFORMATION HERE.

*hypnotic will be uploading a different version of this piece into his gallery tomorrow. It's a much warmer version that puts elements of this scene is a different light, so if you enjoy this, I MUST insist that you go to his page, devwatch him, and wait for it. It's all good in the long run. Both versions will be available as prints. SO GO DEVWATCH HIM!!

Wraps it up nicely, enjoy, and please don't forget to full view.

-- edit --

With regards to the castle, on which many people have left comment regarding the lighting, I'm wholly aware of that, and it's intentional. No, I'm not covering for logical "errors", but this was taking advantage of artistic license to highlight a specific region of the image to stand out more. It's an ethereal glow more than anything, very much a fantasy aspect. Just keen to point that out :)
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January 17, 2005
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