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Nebulae in Space Art by alyn Nebulae in Space Art by alyn
This isn't a tutorial, so I'm not putting it in the tutorial section - however it is a resource, and you're meant to learn from it.

Don't expect to read this and become Greg Martin - you won't.

Special thanks to `hameed `tigaer ~ absolutehalo (AKA =mercycreek) =vissroid =Onorok =sumopiggy *ladyrapid ~DKF.

To download, click the "download to desktop" button - tutorial is in html format. About 3.1mb Zipped (yes, that's large, but it used to be 7.5 before I optimised.)

And to anyone who thinks of asking - no I'm not going to create a nebula tutorial (unless you pay me :unimpressed:) - I feel that you'll learn more from this guide in any case.

Ok, I'm gonna be *out* for the next few days since I'm excruciatingly busy for one, completing my school yearbook and a few other things such as a devmeet. Happy christmas.

(P.s, if you don't like downloading and viewing at home, how about you VIEW THIS TUTORIAL ONLINE!
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April 14, 2005
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