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Golden Symphony by alyn Golden Symphony by alyn
Ok, this be my last big piece for the year i think, maybe a few more smaller ones following this but nothing on this scale because it's taken a lot out of me. Anyway, i wanted to experiment with a different terrain, and whilst trying out a mars-ish kinda feel i managed to get this. The sky and clouds turned out lovely for some reason... then it came to space.

Now most people notice that a lot of my space nebulas are... crap :P well with photoshop6 i miss textured brushes and a whole lotta layer styles that could potentially help. But anyway, i've been working on the top left nebula for 10hours on it's own, it's been a bitch to get looking intricate and nice... it's kinda firey, but yknow, i'm TRYING. Especially difficult to get looking nice without a tablet (i have a tablet now :) or will have tomorrow ;) ) - so hopefully my detailing should improve. Anyway i found out how to bypass the lack of textured brushes for nebulas and i've applied some texture onto the nebula.

Other than that, i hope you enjoy, more of a golden theme this time.


Terragen prerender = 2hours
Terragen render = 1hour
Terragen post render = 1hour
Space scene = 26hours (spread over 3 days)
Total time = 30hours
.PSD size = 332mb
Layers = 295
Crashes = 3


Comments and most especially fav's are very welcome, and full view will help you appreciate the image a lot better as thumbnails just don't do me justice. Most of all, merry christmas, and thank you for making this a good year of art :)
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December 24, 2003
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