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Collab - The Wanderers by alyn Collab - The Wanderers by alyn
This is a COLLABORATION between myself and Simon Schulz :

The story ::

Following the depopulation of earth in 3012, exiles who survived the long perilous journey to unknown worlds set up habitation on the planet "Thora". This was to be only a brief stop as the planets atmosphere was unstable, and vast quantities of methane inhibited attempts at life there. Hopping from planet to planet, using them almost as hotels on their journeys, the celestial nomads came to a resting place at "olympus" (so called because the nearby nebula resembled the olympic torch), where they rebuilt a home. Where and when they will go next is unknown.


So yeah, i promised some real art soon didn't I ;) sorry about the delay though. But yeah, this is a collab between and myself, he doing the modelling for the cities and settlements, not to mention the ships and other terrain additions, and i creating the terrain and space backdrop. The nebula is one of my best, i'm definitley most proud of that, if you look carefully, it almost resembles a torch, hence why i called the planet olympus.

Some stats - Simon makes mention that he used over 500 layers, i myself used over 150, so you do the math. An exceptionally large .psd and three weeks worth of work spewed forth this.

~en-tyrael will be submitting a wallpaper package very soon so don't forget to pay him a visit.

And finally but definitely not least, Please visit Simon's Gallery and bequeath unto him a well deserved Devwatch because he has been a pleasure to work with.
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September 11, 2004
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